At Apícola del Bierzo, we promote the responsible use of natural resources and extol the value of quality beekeeping.

We are located in the region of El Bierzo, a place featuring an abundance of natural spaces with great ecological value. Fields of thickets, broom, heather and a great variety of forests of willows, poplars, holm oaks, chestnut trees, walnut trees and fruit trees make up our honey-producing bees’ natural habitat.
Miel de Castaño 1005 de Apícola del Bierzo

Honey renowned for its excellence

Honey unlike any other in the world due to its quality, its purity and its origin. Nectar from a million flowers, with greater nutritional value and properties, it is renowned by the most demanding palates.

European Ecolabel

Sello europeo ecológico

Halal Certification

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HEN-ID number:
045 784 697