Marca Miel 1005 de Apícola del Bierzo
Variedades de Miel 1005 de Apícola del Bierzo

Honey renowned for its excellence

We present 1005, a unique honey that stands out due to its quality, that is different because it makes itself, in a unique region, EL Bierzo, whose product handling and traceability places it in the excellence category.
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Halal Certification

HEN-ID number:
045 784 697

A label that certifies a quality guarantee process that is applied to foods, products and services that respect Halal Standards and other preestablished documents. Top quality within the Islamic culture.

Sello europeo ecológico

European Ecolabel


We comply with the EU’s Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on organic products. These rules cover the production, transformation and marketing of organic products.

Celda Lila Apícola del Bierzo

Europe’s most expensive honey

100% natural

Miel 1005 de Apícola del Bierzo

1005 in all its varieties

Enjoy all the quality and flavour of 1005 by means of its varieties. It is sold in a stylish transparent glass jar, which displays each variety’s characteristic colour.
Miel de Bosque 1005 de Apícola del Bierzo

Forest honey

Honey obtained at the end of the season, mainly from oak and ilex honeydew, with electrical conductivity greater than 8, dense appearance, sweet and dark colour.

Miel de Castaño 1005 de Apícola del Bierzo

Chestnut honey

Honey obtained mainly from chestnut trees, with a pollen percentage greater than 70%, fluid appearance, semi-sweet and medium colour.

Miel Multifloras 1005 de Apícola del Bierzo

Multiflower honey

Honey obtained during spring or at the beginning of the season from different flowers, without any predominant species, liquid appearance, not very sweet and light colour.