30th Honey de Apícola del Bierzo
30 honey miel gourmet del bierzo

Gourmet honey

30th Honey is gourmet honey, a delicate luxury for the most demanding palates. Natural and organic, it is full of nuances and flavour with unique properties.
Sello europeo ecológico

European Ecolabel


We comply with the EU’s Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on organic products. These rules cover the production, transformation and marketing of organic products.

Miel detalle de Apícola del Bierzo

30th Honey in all its varieties

All the quality of a genuine gourmet product. 30th Honey in its different products: pollen, propolis and different varieties of honey.
Miel de Bosque 30th Honey de Apícola del Bierzo

Forest honey

Honey obtained at the end of the season mainly from oak and ilex honeydew, with electrical conductivity greater than 8, dense appearance, sweet and dark colour.

30 honey miel gourmet del bierzo

Chestnut honey

Honey obtained mainly from chestnut trees, with a pollen percentage greater than 70%, fluid appearance, semi-sweet and medium colour.

Miel Multifloras 30th Honey de Apícola del Bierzo

Multiflower honey

Honey obtained during spring or at the beginning of the season from different flowers, without any predominant species, liquid appearance, not very sweet and light colour.

Polen de Apícola del Bierzo

Rockrose pollen

Pollen from rockrose (Cistus ladanifer) is highly appreciated in some markets due to its health benefits; it is mainly produced on hills with a high presence of this plant and during a very short period of time.

Polen Multifloral de Apícola del Bierzo

Multiflower pollen

Pollen from different plants and varieties of colour that provides all types of proteins; it is collected in the first 4 months of the season.

Propoleo de Apícola del Bierzo


Collected by bees from trees and by us from the mesh we place in the hives; it mainly has a reddish-brown colour, although it is almost black in some areas. It is considered one of the most powerful natural antibiotics that exist.